14K Gold Filled Tubes | Curved Tubes | 6 to 10 Pcs in a pack | Four Sizes: 25, 30, 35 and 40mm | 2mm Thick Tubes |

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14K Real Gold Filled Tubes | Curved Tubes | Gold Filled Tubes in Four Sizes |

2mm (all tubes are 2mm thick)

Length Size:
15mm (20Pcs. Per Pack) TU8GF
20mm (12Pcs. Per Pack) TU6GF
25mm (10 Pcs. Per Pack) TU1GF
30mm (8 Pcs. Per Pack) TU2GF
35mm (6 Pcs. Per Pack) TU3GF
40mm (6 Pcs. Per Pack) TU4GF

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