14K Real Gold Filled Hoops | Available two thickness 13gauge and 18gauge | Smooth Earring Hoops |

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14K Real Gold Filled Hoops/ Earrings.
2 to 4 Pcs. in a pack.

 Six Size Available in 18ga thickness.

10mm 18Gauge (4Pcs)  HE10GF
14mm 18Gauge (4Pcs)  HE11GF
21mm 18Gauge (4Pcs)  HE12GF
24mm 18Gauge (2Pcs)  HE13GF
35mm 18Gauge (2 Pcs) HE14GF
41mm  18Gauge (2Pcs) HE15GF

13 Gauge:
18mm 13Gauge (2Pcs)   HE16GF
28mm 13Gauge (2Pcs)   HE17GF
42mm 13Gauge (2Pcs)  HE18GF
56mm 13Gauge (2 Pcs) HE19GF

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