14KGold Filled clamshell Bead TIP W / 2 RINGS Available two size

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Clamshell Bead Tip with 0.56mm (0.022") Hole at base.

Hook Dimensions: 1.1mm x 2.6mm x 3.0mm (0.0435" x 0.103" x 0.119")

Dimensions when closed: 3.8mm x 9.0mm (0.150" x 0.355")
Clamshell Bead Tip with 2 closed Rings and a 0.90mm (0.036") Hole at base.

Ring Specifications:

0.60mm x2.4mm Closed

Outside Diameter Æ 0.095Ä | 2.4mm

Inside Diameter Æ 0.044Ä | 1.1mm

Dimensions when closed: 3.5mm x 7.0mm (0.138" x 0.276")

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