3 Feet Of Brass Chain with Gunmetal Nuggets and Gold Finish Clovers. Beaded Chain, Rosary Chain. 3mm Nuggets and 14mm Clover Shape. #18

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This Listing is for 3 Feet Chain

Copper: for Chain
Brass: for Nuggets and Clover Flower shape.

Chain and beads are Gunmetal Plated
Clover Flower Shapes are Gold Finish

Nuggets are about 3mm
Clover Shapes are about 14mm

Gold Finish is not real gold but stays like this longer with our anti tarnish finish plating.
Gunmetal Plated Chain and Nuggets also stay longer with our anti tarnish finish plating.

Beautiful Running Chain for your great designs.

NOTE: All the descriptions and sizes are approximate for this chain.

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