Curved Tubes in Four colors, Seamless Tubes, E-coated, Handmade, Brushed Finish Tubes in 3 sizes: 68mmX4.5mm, 41mmX3mm, 28mmX3mm


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These tubes are Available in 4 colors and 3 sizes:


Gold Finish
Silver Plated
Copper Plated
Gunmetal Plated


68mmX4.5mm (8Pcs.)
41mmX3mm (15Pcs.)
28mmX3mm (20Pcs.)

E-coated (Copper color tubes are NOT E-coated)
Brushed finish
Handmade Tubes
Curved Tubes

NOTE: All the tubes are made out of copper and then they are plated in different colors. (Even Copper Tubes are plated with copper to keep the color uniform)

Finish Stays longer With Our E-Coating

All the sizes are approximate for these handmade items