Octagon Flat Labradorite Rough Cut Beads, Blue Fire Labradorite Beads, Labradorite Fancy Bead with center holes, Stringed, Natural Gemstone.

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This Listing is for 1 Strand of Rough Cut Flat Octagon Labradorite with Blue Fire (AA/AAA Quality).

These are Octagon Shape Hand cut and polished Gem quality Stones.
No Treatment of any kind is done.

Size and Number of Stones ***[Sizes are Not Exact as these are Rough Cut]***

All Strands are about 8 Inches Long.

Extra Small: Approximately, ~ 11mm X 9mm (21 - 22 Stones) #GEFLA1
Small: Approx. ~ 12mm X 10mm (18 - 21 Stones) #GEFLA2
Medium: Approx. ~ 13mm X 11mm (15 - 17 Stones) #GEFLA3
Large: Approx. ~ 16mm X 13mm (13 - 15 Stones) #GEFLA14

NOTE: All sizes and descriptions are approximate for these hand-cut natural beads

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