A Pack of Gold Plated Rings, that are E-Coated and Brushed Finished. You can find 4 colors with various different sizes.

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There are 9 sizes: and 4 Colors:

Gold Finished 
Silver Plated
Gunmetal Plated
Copper (Solid Copper)

Size Number of Pcs in Pack
12mm 35 Pcs 
20mm 25 pcs

12mm (35Pcs. in a pack)
20mm(25Pcs. In a Pack)
24mm (20Pcs. in a pack)
30mm (15Pcs. In a pack)
35mm (15Pcs. in a pack)
38mm(15Pcs. in a pack)
40mm(15Pcs. in a pack)
45mm (10Pcs. in a pack)
50mm (10Pcs. in a pack)
60mm (10Pcs. In a pack)
70mm (8Pcs. In a Pack)

Brushed finish
Handmade Rings/Connectors/Circles

Size: 16 Gauge

Finish Stays longer for these high polished items

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