Crimped Ends for Chains, 925 Sterling Silver Crimps /Crimped End Caps in 6 Sizes: 0.45mmTo 2.5mm | puritybeads

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This Listing is for One Pack of Sterling Silver Crimped Ends/End Caps for Chains.

Size : 0.45 mm(16SS) Intemal Dimeter is 0.45 (There are about 50 Pieces in one pack)

0.8mm(17SS) Intemal Dimeter is 0.8m (There are about 40 Pieces in one pack)

1mm(18mmSS) Intemal Dimeter is 1mm (There are about 25 Pieces in one pack)

1.5mm(19SS) Intemal Dimeter is 1.5mm (There are about 18 Pieces in one pack)

2mm(20SS) Intemal Dimeter is 2mm (There are about 14 Pieces in one pack)

2.5mm(21SS) Intemal Dimeter is 2.5mm (There are about 12 Pieces in one pack)

NOTE: These are made out of 92.5 Sterling silver and due to the nature of the pieces there might be a couple of pieces less or even more (specially in the smaller sizes).

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