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We have a bunch of variations of beads for our customers, for example, some of the variations are rounded, open circles, cylinder shape, hear shape, and etc. Beads are very important to jewelry making because every necklace has some kind of beads for example beads are used to make necklaces, beads are used to stop the gemstone and to add design. We sell beads in 2 colors which are Gold Finish, and Silver Plated. Our beads are nickel and lead-free like all of our other products. Our beads are also e-coated so the color stays on longer like all of the other products. Our beads also do not leave any color when in contact because of the e-coating. We sell beads in strands that are held together with very sturdy wire which you can use a scissor to cut if you want to use them individually. Like mentioned before we have a lot of designs and we are still adding on to satisfy the customer's needs. We also triple check our beads if they are right or any mistakes in the bead so our customers can get what they asked for. We can also customize our bead when the customer buys in bulk.

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