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You can use hoops to make earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Hoops come in a variety of different sizes to suit your comfort and to help you make the thing that you need the best. The Size of hoops that we have in stock is 10mm through 60mm also we have hoops in different colors which are gold-finished copper. The material that the finish is on is solid copper. We can customize hoops for customers if they want for example we can create hoops as we can create in a design or colors and size. We sell hoops in packets that have hops based on sizes. We are the manufacturer of the hoops we have in stock. We manufacture these hoops in India and do every step to make these hoops the best possible for our customers. We coat the hoops so the colors stay longer on the hoops. Our hoops are nickel and lead-free so it doesn't harm anyone. The color of the hoop does not leave if in contact with the skin. As fact hoops are the essentials of jewelry making if you think about it every piece of jewelry needs some type of hoop whether it is a necklace, part of the lock, a ring, a bracelet to put around your hand or earnings so it can hang from youth ear. Hoops are proven to be attractive to eyes when looking at a person's face which shows the importance of hoops in the business of jewelry making. The copper that we use we make sure that the copper is durable so even if the hoops are mismanaged it has some level of power to support. We triple check our hoop for any coloring mistake so we don't sell the bad hoops. 

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