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Bezels are used for making pendants and if they have two holes they can be used as bracelets or necklaces. We have Bezels in various different sizes. We have them in different colors like Black Oynx, Blue opal, and smokey quartz and etc. We have them in different cuts like rectangle, round, and triangles. They are naturally cut and are natural. We are still coming out with new designs and new colors for them. Some of the sizes for bezels 12mm to 32mm. These bezels are not heat-treated or go through an unnatural process they are just natural. The holes on the bezels are e-coasted and are nickel and lead-free for safety. We also sell bezels with different findings on the end of them. We have one hole bezels and two holes bezels for making pendant, necklaces and etc. Bezels are a big part of jewelry making because they bring out more natural colors and stones to the jewelry and more cancer look to the jewelry. The stone we use in bezels are natural stones in cuts and shaped and are not gone through a process. We sell these bezels in packets. We can also customize bezels when buying in bulk. You can find this product with many more on  

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