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Charms as a product are very useful in any jewelry making, for example, a bunch of earrings. We have a bunch of different styles for example we have charms in a pineapple shape, stars, butterfly, and lotus shape. Charms can be used in many different forms like earnings, bracelets, and necklaces. We can do customization on these charms for bulk customers. We sell charms in packets. The charms that we sell come in a variety of colors like Gold finish, Silver-plated, Gunmetal, and Solid Copper. We sell charms in a variety of sizes from 10mm to 70mm. We have also had names for different types of charms for example like tree charms, cross charms, moon charms, and many more. To also inform everyone charms are new and we get new designs and patterns for using any kind of charms. Charms are also manufactured in India. Our charms are nickel and lead-free for the safety of all of our customers. Ou charms are also e-coated so the color of the charm stays on longer. The e-coating also helps with color staying on longer when in contact with skin. Most of the charms are used for necklaces because of there shapes sp we have that available. You can find this product with many more on  

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