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Gemstones are probably on the most basic yet fanciest thing to do on any jewelry. They are simply beautiful we have a lot of designs that you can pick out from like opal, chocolate moonstone, pink opal, and etc. We sell gemstones in lanes and then packed into a package. The Gemstone well sell is purely natural and does not go through any unnatural process. We have a bunch more gemstones cuts and designs in the variety of them. We also have some gemstones in different sizes. Gemstones are also in a lot of colors like Smokey Quartz, Pink Opal, and etc. Also, any of the items like Gemstones are handled with care. None of the gemstones any harmful chemicals in them. These gemstones can be used in pendants, bracelets, necklaces, and etc. We triple check all of our products like these Gemstones before they are shipped right to your door. Each lane of Gemstone has a tag to it describing the color and the Gemstone. We can also customize these Gemstones when buying in bulk. These gemstones also do not leave any of there original stone when in contact with the body. You can find all of these gemstones on our website

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