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Tubes are also used as spacers as if you want to make a necklace for example and you want useless beads you can use tubes for it and tubes to make the necklace fancier. Our tubes come in 4 different colors which are Gold Finish, Silver Plated, Gunmetal, and Copper. We sell tubes from 20mm to 46mm in sizes. We have different designs in tubes, for example, we have tubes with spiral end to it and etc. We also have one tube that is straight if people want to use that. We manufacture our tubes in India. We e-coat our tubes like the rest of our products which makes the color of the tube stay on longer and when in touch with skin the color doesn't leave off the product. We triple check all of our products including the tubes so that the customer gets what they asked for. We are coming out with a lot of different designs in our tubes section to make customers satisfied. We can also customize our tubes for customers buying in bulk. Some of our tubes have end design and some don't have more options for our customers. Our tubes are nickel and lead-free to ensure the safety of our customers. 

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