Melon Shaped Designed Bead 11-26 Pcs. in Strands, Fancy Gold ,Silver And Gunmetal Beads, E-coated Beads, Multiple Sizes: 6X6mm - 18X18mm.

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1 Strand of Gold Finish, Silver Plated or Gunmetal Beads | Fancy Beads | Anti Tarnish Finished Beads | Melon Patterned Beads | Light Weight Beads |

Three Color:

Gold Finish
Silver Plated

Seven Sizes:
6mmX6mm (32 Beads)
8mmX8mm (26 Beads)
10mmX10mm (20 Beads)
12mmX12mm (17 Beads)
14mmX14mm (14 Beads)
16mmX16mm (12 Beads)
18mmX18mm (11 Beads)

Very Light Weight Shiny, Fancy, Beautiful Bead.

Plating Stays longer for these Anti Tarnished Beads.

All descriptions and sizes are approximate for these beads/findings.

Brass Beads, Light Weight Beads, Machine Cut Beads, Diamond Cut Beads, Gold Finished Beads, Copper Beads, Fancy Beads, Light Beads, Spacer Beads, New Shape Beads, New Shapes, Designer Beads

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